Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So... what is going on with the house of railway sleepers?

No, the house hasn't collapsed, caught fire or gone into the lake... (at least not until last sunday). It's just that I've been pretty busy lately.

My "new" (a year now) job has sent me back to school, to a postgraduate programme in Retail Industry Management wich involves a lot of reading and some group work, I have two other areas at work to take care of (I'm sort of a tri manager, or a manager of the other things), and I've been riding enduro bikes on the other weekends with my older son Pablo.

On top of it all I've been on business trips to Orlando and Buenos Aires in the last month.

So while the construction work is advancing, I hardly have time to write about it with all the studying, working, and bike riding, aside from the trips to the lake.

I'll post another article real soon now, and you'll see we are done with the roof (including shingles) and we have even rain-and-wind-tested it and it works... very important for a roof, the kitchen is also (almost) ready and we are using it regularly, and we even have a fireplace in the large (and only) bedroom.

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