Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The problem with mass decisions

I ran across this idea the other day while browsing news about The Pirate Bay censoring traditional media - mass media.
So the idea is not mine, but I liked it a lot so I'm reproducing it here for my faithful readers (yes, the two of you).

I won't go into detail about the TPB censorship (you can google that if you like), but into the MASS problem:

The problem is that large groups of people can't agree on anything except lowest common denominators. So in our modern society, instead of traditional food we get McDonald's, democracies elect morons for government, and mass media is adequate for the underprivileged to say it nicely.

Probably the first wrong choice of lowest common denominators was to agree that democratic voting is an adequate choice making process.
I don't see successful companies voting among all their employees whether or not to develop a product or carry on a project.

How can we keep decisions small? So we can make simple and intelligent choices that benefit just a few, the ones that want to move an idea forward.
Why must we all agree?

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