Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bowls of Bread

Last weekend at the lakehouse was cold. Freezing actually, as on Monday morning we didn't have running water because the pipes were frozen...

So it's the perfect setting for having soup by the fireplace, on bread bowls that you can eat. We actually had them with salad on the sunny sunday. But you can have them with whatever you want. I like them with onion or oxtail soup and after the soup you can eat the soaked bowl. It's completely non diet, but it's delicious.

How do you do them? Pretty simple, use your regular dough recipe (Eg: 1 lb flour, yeast dissolved in warm water, add water). If you can make the dough 12 hours or more in advance, it will give you a firmer crust.
Then divide the dough into four or two balls and extend them into circles. Put them over the buttered or oiled bowls you'll use as bases and keep extending them
down. Until you have reached the depth of bowl you want to have.

Then put them in the hot oven from 10 to 15 minutes, until they are tanned and crusty. Remove them and let them cool down, if you buttered them enough they should come off the bowl very easily. If you are going to use them for salad you can use them right away, if you'll be serving soup you should let them dry more, let go as much moisture as possible, this way it will hold soup longer before soaking.

Enjoy your soup or salad and you can eat the plates too.

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