Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bath and Eat

After visiting Christian Malford (just a small small village outside
of Chippenham) by taxi, no buses on Sunday, too small I'm afraid. I
came back into town, bought a British looking long parka, that is
called a warm "raincoate" here, and walked to the railroad station and
made my way into Bath.

The Roman baths are impressive, I thought I liked jacuzzis but this
guys ruled! The contruction was top notch - it's still standing and
holding water a liitle over 2000 years - and huge, very tastefull.
These guys believed that the warm water was a gift of the gods and
built facilities proportional to that.

(Excuse me but my duck liver pate has arrived) I'm at Browns Bar &
Brasserie at the centre of Bath.

Ok that was quite a fair amount of mashed duck, absorbed most of the
sour beer I had. I'm almost sober again...back to Bath... Then I
walked around town until my feet cried for a stop.
So I stopped. For beer, at the Bath Ale House, had a pint of a dark,
thick stout that cold be just as well be served on a platter with a
knife and a fork. Very good, not exactly light.

Now I'm having a lighter lager called a Staropramen, blonde and
strong. Preparing my stomach for the wild boar and chorizo burger they
are building (this stuff you donf cook, ypu build) for me at Browns
kitchen at this very second.

All this is in very present tense as I'm trying to blog this from the
iPhone, we'll see if this works.

Wild boar is here... Gotta run

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