Friday, April 13, 2007

How much I hate Traffic and the Good Deadly Sins

I hate traffic, I really do.

How much? I'll get up 2 hours early in the morning to avoid the morning rush hour (my home is in a small valley whose two exits are surrounded by schools so it gets really messy). so here I am in a Starbucks waiting for my meeting to start in 90 more minutes.
Quite depressing ... NONE of my buddies are online on MSN, YMsngr,AIM or GTalk, and I have people from a lot of timezones. At least the Starbucks was open...

By the way, two days ago I discovered there's a good reason why Starbucks carries the "coffee" last name, I'm trying to cut back on coffee for health reasons, so I ordered a tall fancy-oriental-americanized-named cup of tea, but Starbuck's tea is very close to what the water on your radiator tastes like (don't ask me how I know this), only hotter and more expensive, a cup of bad tea will buy you a gallon of the green water your car loves so much.

Well on to the other "subject"... I have been thinking about about the deadly sins, and which ones are worth committing (I mean they are deadly, if they aren't any fun why risk it right?).

Well, in my humble opinion (some of my friends say I don't have a humble opinion), the only two good enough to be deadly are lust and and gluttony (I am not fat in case you are wondering). Those are the only two that are real fun, fun enough to go into deadly sinner levels, although it's probably hard to commit them both at the same time... who will want to get lusty enough with you if you are so obese that you can fall of both sides of the bed at the same time?

Greed is no fun (it poisons your soul and kills it, goes the saying in Spanish - La venganza no es buena, mata el alma y la envenena - not that I'm a greedy person, but the times I've felt greed or jealousy (not a deadly sin by the way) I've felt like shit, so it's not worth to risk death over those two.

Sloth, a.k.a laziness can be fun for a short period of time, but try it for long and you start to feel guilty (as if you were committing a deadly sin). No, seriously, it's not really my thing, after all I'm writing stuff nobody cares about at 7:30 AM in a Starbucks waiting for a 9:00 AM meeting, and I get up early on weekends to build things, from furniture to houses, or repair motorcycles or old cars.
Maybe if I can really cut back on that coffee I could give laziness a serious and responsible try, but I would have to bring my own tea.
And after all... work is fun (right?) and dignifies the spirit (another saying, just in case).

Wrath or Ira... no fun either, that's why I drive to downtown 2 hours early, to avoid being a ridiculous sinner in a tin can, something that just ruins your day. I have tried driving at the rush hour with no coffee in my bloodstream, and I get the same results.
I have also tried driving my motorcycle but it's more dangerous (so it could become deadly without even being a sinner) and you still get a very nice chunk of wrath out of it, and it's even more ridiculous within a motorcycle helmet because no one sees your face. Your gestures do become more visible though, if you are fluent at "sign language", like I am.

Envy... we'll we have all felt it, not fun either...much like jealousy or greed it causes a restlessness that can keep you awake all night, rumbling or worrying about what others have and you don't. Life is a solo endurance sport my friends, not a race. Think of it as cross country training, and don't look to the sides or you will fall. It's your path the one that's important.
Accomplishing big things is more important than having stuff. If your accomplishments provide enough to get you the toys you like, superb. But don't try to have the greatest toys, there's a boy down the block that has unlimited resources, so if you envy his stuff you'll always be disappointed with the shiny toys you just got.

And finally... Pride. Pride? This is absurd, Pride is good, maybe if it gets out of hand it can good into ridiculous mode, but a sin? and deadly? that's nonsense. Pride is fine.
Be proud. We have only six deadly sins from now on, and it couldn't be done without you.

Ok, ok.. I'll try to have a smaller coffee the next time.

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