Thursday, July 26, 2007

Laguna Seca was sooo great !

Well, race week is over, and as before the racing at Laguna Seca was awesome. If you are a fan you know the results, if you don't... check on, but in summary:

- Two of the three americans that were favorites crashed on the 2nd turn of lap 1.
- Two aussies were in the podium (I say it's the good influence of personal hero Mick Doohan).
- One Italian was in the podium (the unlikely one, who made an heroic effort to get there).
- The small brother of the defending american made a fantastic appeareance as wildcard in MotoGp (and won the 600 AMA series they previous day), so he's up for a good contract real soon now.
- The Doctor is still in the race, but the new aussie kid makes you thing it won't be for long.
- It's still breathtaking to see any of these guys take the corkscrew
- I got to say hi and touch hands with Rossi, see Giacomo Agostini and other legends and got an autographed poster by legend Cook Nielsen, It's kind of funny to discover I'm a 42 year old groupie...

It was a great time, better organized for us in terms of hotel and travel, and MUCH better for Laguna in terms of access and parking (we have forgiven Laguna for the access mess they had two years ago).

Favorite pharases of this trip:
- Incresionante (a classic... and a mix of impresionante and increible).
- Bye girls ...
- Ya Claudio, ponte...
- We will go up the scorckscrew... (not beer induced)
- My stomach hurts (beer and/or garlic induced)
- Hey! where's Claudio?

For all my friends who missed it, you buttheads... hope you all see the light someday.

To the four of us that were there... the big question is, Laguna or Indianapolis ?

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